Happy February!

Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell you about February in the United Kingdom. Continue reading “Happy February!”


Conditionals (Part 2)

Hello everyone!

Today, we’re going to take a look at Conditionals. If you missed the first part of these structures you can check it here. Continue reading “Conditionals (Part 2)”

Blues and resolutions

Hello everyone and happy New Year 2018!

If you have any contact with English people I’m sure you’ve heard about New Year resolutions! Even if you’re not familiar with the word I’m sure you know what they are.

It’s not uncommon to hear people saying things like “next year I’ll start exercising” or “Next year I’ll give up smoking” and that’s exactly it. New Year resolutions are all those things that we want to do or get better at and we decide to go for it with the beginning of a new year.

The truth is that after a fortnight of not following the routine we usually do we try and set new goals to be better. Maybe that’s why the third Monday of January is called “Blue Monday”! Apparently it’s been scientifically proved that on this day most people feel sad, down or blue (hence the name). If you think about it, it does make sense: the holidays are over, we have spent all our money left on the sales and we still have half of January left!!

Here at ES we are not affected by Blue Monday but we do have New Year resolutions: to keep helping students achieve their goals by encouraging and teaching them to the best of our abilities! 🙂

María, Paula, Francisco, Ramón and Elena have already had their first Skype class, and you?

Join us next Friday 19th of January, book your course at the reception of any of our schools!

Merry early Christmas!

Hello everyone and welcome to Euroschool’s Christmas!  Continue reading “Merry early Christmas!”

Comparative Adjectives

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to talk about comparative and superlative adjectives. I am sure you all have seen sentences like the following: Continue reading “Comparative Adjectives”

Skype classes 2018

Great news everyone!!!

If you have checked our website recently you may already have seen this. Scroll down for details!

  • 12-lesson courses available
  • 2 different levels: B1/B2 and B2/C1
  • Every Friday with 2 different timetables available: 16:45 – 17:30h or 18:00 – 18:45h
  • 9 students per class maximum!
  • All lessons have been designed by ES teachers to ensure maximum quality!
  • Limited vacancies!

These lessons are the result of the students’ petition of reinforcing the concepts learnt in class at home as well as the relentless introduction of technology in all aspects of our daily life. The advantages of online classes are multiple:

  1. You can learn English by attending a presential class guided by one of our teachers (who may even be your own ES teacher) from home
  2. You will improve your listening skills with the extra challenge of not relying on body language.
  3. You will improve your writing and summarizing skills, as you’ll contact the teacher in the ‘question time’ via chat.
  4. You will share the class with 8 other students who have your same level, and the answers to all the questions in the class, as well as the teachers’ written explanations, will stay in the chat for future reference.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask for information at reception in any of our schools before we run out of vacancies, the future is waiting for you!