Learning English through play

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With the autum term about to begin we wanted to dedicate this post to the little ones. If you were born in the 80s or before you probably remember your English classes as something dreadful that you couldn’t wait to come to an end but, fortunately, things have changed and we teachers now have a totally different approach to teaching a foreign language.

Studies have proved that the most effective way to learn a new language for kids is to copy the way in which we acquired our mother tongue when we were kids. This is, listening to it and playing and having fun with it!

At Euroschool we think that kids should play. We believe in active and lively classes in which play is the key. And it works, students are happy, parents are happy and we have more and more kiddies taking the Cambridge young learners exams, how great is that ?! 🙂

Some parents want to reinforce their children’s learning process at home so we are going to give you some tips on how to do it effectively and fun!

  1. If you speak English use that tool! You can for example dedicate an hour a day to play or read to your child in English (using flashcards so as to make him/her connect new words to familiar images)
  2. Play his/her favourite cartoons in English: You can tell your kid that in that way they’ll hear the main characters’ real voices! 😉  You can find Peppa Pig or the Paw Patrol on YouTube so you don’t even need cable!
  3. Use the Internet! There are literally millions of pages dedicated to English where you can find games and worksheets to practice English with the little ones. Ask your ES teacher or try these links:

Anglomaniacy – For a variety of worksheets, flahcards, etc.

Games to learn English – If you want to focus only on games.

With these simple tips your children will reinforce their English at home and, therefore, the learning process will speed up. However, don’t expect any miracles! Remember that kids are just kids and that they need time to process not only the new language but the new Spanish words daily and the hundreds of things they discover day after day!

See you in the next post!

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