Welcome (back)!

Hi everyone!

Although Euroschool of English runs all year round with the arrival of autumn the school year 2017/2018 has started and we bring lots of news!

First of all, last September we welcomed 3 new teachers to the ES family (Natasha, Claudio and María), have you met them yet? Like all our teachers, they are professionally certified native/bilingual EFL teachers and they are rockin’ it! Welcome again guys! 🙂

We welcome returners and new students who allow us to accompany them in their learning process so we couldn’t be more thrilled. That is why….


We have decided to run our Skype classes programme again! 

A huge thank you goes to the students who took part in the Skype classes last school year, it is because of their scintillating feedback that we have decided to run it again with new lessons and expanded materials.


For those of you who are not familiar with our Skype programme here are the highlights:

  • Presential Skype classes with a maximum of 9 students in each
  • Presentation of the grammar and vocabulary point of the lesson with an ES teacher speaking live
  • The classes include exercises as well as question time
  • If you are shy, don’t worry! In our Skype classes we use the chat to communicate with students so there’s no need to have audio or video on
  • We use exclusive materials made especially for online classes


Do you want to crank your learning up a notch? Contact reception at any of our schools!

We are looking forward to seeing you around the school, welcome to your best school year ever! 


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