It’s story time

Hello everyone!

Today we’ve got a very special post prepared for you. But first, let’s check the answers to the exercise in our last one, shall we?

  1. No pain, no gain:  There’s no reward without effort
  2. Old habits die hard: The longer you’ve had a habit, the more difficult it is to break it
  3. Turn over a new leaf: To start a new path, have a new beginning
  4. Start from scratch: To start something from nothing, from the very beginning
  5. To get the ball rollin:  To begin, to get something going

How did it go? Any definition you’ve written on these lines should be good but if you have doubts whether your definition is correct leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Also, make sure you try to include idioms and phrasal verbs in your everyday life, they’re really common!

And now, let’s talk about today’s post! We’ve got a new contributor!

Hi there all,
My name is Joe, I’m a new teacher, recently arrived from San Sebastián (Euskadi), and I’ve just joined EUROSCHOOL of English. I have been in A Coruña for about four months now and really like it here. I love the people, food and the city itself. Maybe not so much the weather, but I’m not going to let that spoil my fun. I love reading, music ( I play the drums) and writing. I sometimes kill time writing short stories or reading them too, depending on my mood. I like to write short stories with a nice twist.
Who knows? I may even post a few on here, for anyone who enjoys reading for fun or would like to share any ideas.
Here’s one I really like….

How great is that? Scroll down to read the lovely story Joe has prepared for you! Enjoy!

It was a great feeling, the best ever. She had finished her last day at work and was so happy. It was done, over. And after all those years of hard work and saving all the money she’d earned, she’d finally got her prize. The ticket to a new life, a trip to America. “The New World” they called it. She was so excited and had planned every detail in her head so clearly, that anyone would think she’d written it all on the pages of her diary and memorized every single word. 

This was it, what she’d been dreaming of doing for ages. Sacrifice and hard work to finally start a fresh life on a new continent, were finally in her grasp. She smiled, proud of herself and wondered what the trip would be like, people of all classes and ages happily swarmed around the entrance ready to marvel inside at the wonders of this truly impressive machine. A fresh page in the history books for herself and all around her. She took her seat by the window and looked out. People were waving their loved ones farewell, and the band was playing as they parted, folk were cheering. She looked back out of the small circular window as they lost sight of the people and festivities, sat back and opened a new page of her diary, She wrote the first line of her new life on the blank page. “Happy and ready for anything, aboard this new and truly impressive vessel, the “Titanic”.

What do you think? How did you like it? Post your comments below, we love getting feedback!

See you on our next post, till then: never stop dreaming!!! 😀

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