Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

Easter is round the corner and today we want to show you how we have been celebrating it at Euroschool. In both our schools our students have been working on projects to practically apply all the vocabulary and grammar learned throughout the term in a fun way.

Here are some of the projects!

Flyers A wanted to tell us about different pets. (Fernando Macías)

Our KET and PET in Los Castros made a project about Switzerland and Russia.


Flyers A/B got involved with taking care of our planet and talked about recycling and natural disasters. (Fernando Macías)

Our Starters B designed their own house. They look great! (Fernando Macías)

Movers B did a cookbook and Flyers A learned about recycling making these sock bunnies! (Los Castros)


Our youngest students in Fernando Macías, our Iniciación 3, celebrated Easter painting some Easter eggs and eating some chocolate ones! 🙂


PET students in Fernando Macías made leaflets for British tourists (Fernando Macías)


Which one is your favourite? We love them all! 😀

Do you want your children to learn English in a practical and fun way! Our reception in Fernando Macías is open Monday to Wednesday during the Easter break!!

We wish you all a lovely Easter! Have a great time!

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