It’s exam time

Hello everybody!

I hope you’ve had a great Easter and a fantastic beginning of May. 🙂

Today we’ve got news for you! As most of you know, the sessions for Cambridge exams in June are the most popular amongst students. For one, they’ve had all year to gain all the knowledge they need to smash their exam (not to brag but that’s probably why we’ve got a minimum of 85% pass rate in all our levels and 100% at CPE) but they are also ready to enjoy the summer learning English at ES in a more relaxed way!

That’s why next Saturday 1st of June…..


We’re holding our annual mock exam at our Fernando Macias centre!


This is, obviously, a great way to practice the skills you’ve learned under “real” exam conditions. However, this is a very popular exam amongst our students so only those registered to sit an exam in June or July may take it. Is that your case? Put your name down at any of our reception desks and see what that exam will feel like!

But today, I also want to address some FAQ for this time of the year. Situations and questions that, in our experience, are usually on students’ heads this time of the year. Let’s take a look!

I’ve got a lot of exams at uni now and I won’t be able to do any homework or attend classes in May, should I wait till October to go back to class?

Many of our students are really busy in May and we understand it may be difficult to attend classes regularly or doing homework. That’s why we suggest to take a 1-month break, if necessary, and return to classes in June and, if possible, summer months. We really encourage you to do this, rather than waiting till October especially if your goal is taking the exam.

1.I don’t feel ready to take the exam in June, do I have to wait till December?

Not anymore! Cambridge English Assessment have sessions in Coruña in July, August and maybe even October! Don’t give up and ask your ES teacher, they’ll guide you through the process.

2. I want to spend a good, relaxing summer but not forget about everything I’ve learned throughout the year, any ideas?

We are open all summer and we offer a wide range of courses. If you want more free time, we suggest you join our 3-hour groups (morning and afternoon times available) or, if you regard this option as too intense, keep coming to class but only once a week (1.5h/week). By choosing any of these options, you’ll have more free time to enjoy your well earned summer and you’ll keep in touch with English to keep rocking it next school year!

Do you want something even more lively? Ask us about our summer courses abroad, that’s an experience you’ll never forget!

3. I want my kids to practice English in summer, what do you offer?

We have been successfully running summer camps for over a decade and were proud to say that the feedback has been incredibly supportive. Ask our receptionists about our options for the summer of 2019 and give your kids a different summer!

But…. there’s a drawback 😦

In summer we offer limited vacancies so, hurry up and book your seat before we run out!

Good luck to all our students going through exam period!


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