It’s exam time!

Hello everybody and happy December!

It’s that time of the year again, and I don’t mean Christmas! December is a month of excitement and nervousness for our students and we completely understand. That is way we have decided to write a blog post focusing on the Cambridge Exams that are usually taken by our students. We have talked about strategies and parts of the exam, tips and advice for the big day but, when should you register for the exam? When do you know if you’re ready?

Let’s take a look!

  • You have the level: It’s no use going to an exam class if you are nowhere near the level of the exam you want/need, trust us on this. If you want/need a B2 First Certificate exam, for example, one of our specialised teachers will assess your level and tell you where you stand. They may tell you it’s better to join a general English class for some weeks or months, this is not for their benefit but for yours! When a student who doesn’t have the level joins an exam class, more often than not, they end up feeling overwhelmed and demotivated whereas when they are ready they make the most of it.


  • When you are familiar with the exam: This doesn’t only mean knowing how many parts there are. You need to understand what you have to do in each one of them and practise as much as you can. This applies for the writing paper too! Very often students forget how important it is to try and practise every single writing more than once!


  • You have mastered time management: Time is one of the most common problems that students face. Before you decide to go for it and sit the exam, you should know exactly how much time you have for each paper and each exercise, how long it takes you to do it and the order you prefer doing them in.


  • You’re consistently passing: This means that you generally pass the tests you do in class. Some students are stronger in the writing task and others in the listening or Use of English paper, ask your ES teacher for orientation on this if you’re not sure. Our teachers have been preparing students for years and can, no doubt, give you the best advice.


  • You have time to prepare it: Cambridge exams are for life. This is why they may seem somewhat more challenging than others but this is for your benefit, no university or employer would give them any value otherwise! These are not exams that can be learned by heart so you’re going to need time and lots of practice to achieve your goal, make sure you have at least a couple of hours a week (apart from your class time) to study and practise.


  • Talk to your ES teacher: As I said before, if in doubt, talk to your teacher. They are the experts! They guide you and are honest with you but the decision is all yours!


I really hope we have solved your doubts on this matter but, as usual, if you have any questions drop us a line! ➡

Have a lovely December!




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