Lessons and campus online

Hello everybody and happy last week of April!

Today we’ve got huge news: we’re launching our online campus in May! We hope to be able to go back to our school very soon but we want to offer our students the possiblity to continue their learning process with the extra little help of an online campus.

What will I find there?

From A2 to C2, a course for each level has been created so that students can learn about different vocabulary and grammar topics with interactive and entertaining resources. There are links, worksheets, videos and much more!

What do I do if I have a doubt?

You ask your teacher! The fact that you’re doing an online course doesn’t mean you’re going to do it alone. When you enter your area you’ll see a forum section where you can talk to your classmates and contact your teachers.  Is it more of an individual doubt? Go to the contact sections and send your teacher an email, they’ll be happy to help you with any doubts you may have!

Are there live lessons?

Yes, there are! You’ll have lessons twice a week in which we’ll develop the topic of the unit you’re currently studying as well as solve any further doubts students may have

What levels are available?

From A2 (Flyers, KEY) to C2 (Proficiency). The platform is only available for levels B2-C1 at the moment but we will include more levels in the following weeks!

Will there be many students per class?

We have kept our maximum of 10 students per class to guarantee the quality of our live lessons.

How can I register?

Send an email to rita@euroschoolofenglish.com and ask for your place! They will be filled on a first come first served basis.

If you prefer, you can also call 981140024 to get more info and book your course, we are #alonetogether !


Have a lovely beginning of the week and #staysafe ! See you on Wednesday for our next post!

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