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Sample essay for First Certificate

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As promised, here I’ve posted a sample of how an essay can look like if carefully planned!

Essay on solutions to environmental damage

It is agreed that pollution is one of the biggest concerns for developed countries but governments are not doing enough. It is important to realise that if we care about our environment we have to start looking after it.

Firstly, using public transport would reduce the exhaust fumes our cars produce. As a result, the pollution cloud over cities would disappear and, in addition, we could reuse rain water at home.

Secondly, not only are we ruining the Earth’s landscapes by polluting rivers but we are also jeopardising the habitat of countless species, some of which are part of our diet. With this in mind, government actions are vital to control how industries dispose of residues.

Having considered this, air quality is also a problem. Given the fact that in Tokyo problems such as asthma are increasingly common, government and citizens should join forces to prevent our kind from self-destruction.

To summarise, I think that becoming aware of our planet’s situation is essential. On one hand we need to start recycling and trying not to damage our environment but this will not be enough unless governments start taking some action.

And, in case you are thinking this is too complex for you I ‘d like you to take a look at this screenshot:

The blue highlight is for language structures I planned to be in my essay and the yellow ones… Guess what? All of them are linking words and connectors! See how useful they are? This is one of the reasons why your teachers insist so much on them, they are incredibly useful!

Hope these two last posts have encouraged you to start your next writing with careful planning. We can assure you it makes a big difference! 🙂

Keep an eye on The Red Lobster for our next post, which will approach reading strategies for PET (B1).

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