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I hope all of you are well and reading us from the safety of your home! 🙂

As you can see, this is not the post that was due today (the last part of the interview and job hunting series). This is because, due to the current health emergency in our country, we have decided to run a series of posts that help our students to keep learning English even though we can’t go back to our school yet 😩 . Focusing on a different range of levels in each post, we will provide you with some ideas and tell you about free resources you can check and use to review what we have learnt to keep practising your English skills.

So, let’s get started, shall we? Scroll down!

Today we’re going to dedicate the post to our kiddies! We are so proud of them for staying home all these days that we think they need to play a little now! How about some games in English to practise vocabulary?

Today we’re going to tell you about an amazing app that you can download both on Android and iOs and that will entertain your kids for hours while reviewing vocabulary and learning new words in English. It’s called “Word Fun World”. Press here to go to the website with the info to download the App.

The app is really intuitive and 100% kid-friendly, of course. The first time you open it you’ll see an island with different areas, each one with a different vocabulary focus:

  • Sports and Leisure
  • Animals
  • Family and friends
  • Home
  • School
  • Body and health
  • Food and drink
  • Time
  • World around us
  • Work
  • Clothes and colours
  • Places and transport

The first games of each section start at Pre-A1 (Starters) level but every time you successfully pass a round, new words are added to the game and the difficulty increases up to A2 level (Flyers and KEY). It is, therefore, a perfect app for all levels to review the vocabulary your children have learnt so far and to help them reinforce and gain new skills, such as identifying letters and sounds or learning how some words are written.

We’re looking forward to seeing our kiddies again and having fun with them in the school but, until then, keep practising!

See you in our next post with more ideas to keep your English up! Until then, #stayathome #staysafe




Developing your writing skills

Hello everyone!

How’s November treating you? It seems autumn has arrived to stay, and we love it! With rainy days we have more time, and it feels like we’re more motivated to go to classes and learn. So, today we bring you a special contribution by one of our teachers. Continue reading “Developing your writing skills”

American English vs British English

Hello everybody!

I hope you have had a good Carnival!

Today we are going to talk about a common problem for intermediate (and above) students. In our day to day life we are exposed to English but there are two main issues that I would like to address: Continue reading “American English vs British English”

False friends

Hello everyone!

Today we’re going to talk about ‘false friends’, words in English that, given their similarity with Spanish ones, are often confusing for students. Let’s start with, probably, the most common false friend:

Sensitive vs Sensible

When students want to say ‘Sara es muy sensible’ they often write ‘Sara is very sensible’. However, it should be written ‘Sara is very sensitive’ as ‘sensible’ in English  means sensata/o.

Now, take a look at the following list of words in Spanish, how would you say them in English?

  1. DecepciĂłn
  2. Embarazada
  3. Actualmente
  4. Asistir (a un evento)
  5. Estar constipado
  6. LibrerĂ­a
  7. Carpeta
  8. Carrera (universitaria)
  9. Largo
  10. SimpĂĄtico
  11. TerrorĂ­fico
  12. FĂĄbrica

The correct answers are:

  1. Disappointment
  2. Pregnant
  3. Currently
  4. Attend
  5. To have a cold
  6. Bookshop
  7. Folder
  8. Degree
  9. Long
  10. Friendly
  11. Terrifying
  12. Factory

Notice the difference between the correct word and the false friend:

  1. Disappointment vs Deception (engaño)
  2. Pregnant vs Embarrased (avergonzada/o)
  3. Currently vs Actually (en realidad)
  4. Attend vs Assist (Ayudar)
  5. To have a cold vs To be constipated (Estar estreñido)
  6. Bookshop vs Library (Biblioteca)
  7. Folder vs Carpet (Alfombra/moqueta)
  8. Degree vs Career (Carrera/trayectoria profesional)
  9. Long vs Large (Grande)
  10. Friendly vs Sympathetic (compasivo)
  11. Terrifying vs Terrific (genial, fantĂĄstico)
  12. Factory vs Fabric (tela/tejido)


Now that you know the difference, fill in the gaps with the correct word:

  1. Jamie is ___________ studying a __________ in Biology.
  2. It is a ____________ way from Coruña to Barcelona.
  3. I’m going to the _____________ to study because it is quieter than in my house.
  4. Sara is a very __________ person, everyone likes her.
  5. Insidious is a ____________ movie, I was really scared when I watched it
  6. Please, don’t forget to take your __________ at the end of the class.
  7. Are you going to ___________ the meeting?
  8. Silk is said to be the softest ___________
  9. Losing the game was a huge _______________
  10. I am going to stay at home today as I have a terrible __________

How did it go? Scroll down to check your answers at the end of the post!

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Have a great January everyone!


  1. Jamie is CURRENTLY studying a DEGREE in Biology.
  2. It is a LONG  way from Coruña to Barcelona.
  3. I’m going to the LIBRARY to study because it is quieter than in my house.
  4. Sara is a very FRIENDLY person, everyone likes her.
  5. Insidious is a TERRIFYING movie, I was really scared when I watched it
  6. Please, don’t forget to take your FOLDER(S) at the end of the class.
  7. Are you going to ATTEND the meeting?
  8. Silk is said to be the softest FABRIC
  9. Losing the game was a huge DISAPPOINTMENT
  10. I am going to stay at home today as I have a terrible COLD


Christmas words and expressions!

Hello everybody and Merry (almost) Christmas!

In a couple of days we will be celebrating Christmas and some of our students have decided to spend it in the UK! How great is that???? 😀

We know how traditions are different there (click here for more info) but there’s something we hadn’t addressed before, special vocabulary and expressions used these days! So I’ve prepared a little quiz for you to find out some of the most used. Continue reading “Christmas words and expressions!”