British Council (Part 2)

Hello everybody and Happy New Year 2017!

From Euroschool we hope you have the year of a lifetime! And, what better way to start the New Year than with the second part of the British Council post? The first part, by the way, holds our record of the most hits in one day! 🙂

In this second part, Chris Hurling tells us about the exams that the British Council offers and where to take them. He also explains the difference between them. Let’s take a look!

British Council offers English tests, doesn’t it?

Providing high quality English Language exams is the British Council’s main commercial activity in Galicia and the tests provided are IELTS and Aptis.

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, and you can find more information via this link:  IELTS General Information.

The IELTS exam can be taken to show your level of English if you want to study in the USA, and you can check to see if the organisation you want to study at accepts IELTS by following this link: Who accepts IELTS?.

For dates when you can take the IELTS test in Galicia lick here: IELTS Test dates and booking

You can prepare for the IELTS test with Euroschool of English with teachers highly experienced and trained in preparing candidates for the test.

The other test that British Council offers in Galicia is Aptis, which is an English test for adults (16+) from the British Council, designed to assess ability in all four English skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing (combined with the grammar and vocabulary component) and results are received within 48 hours. For just over two years, Aptis is one of the exams students at the University of Santiago de Compostela can take to certify their level of English University of Santiago de Compostela and Aptis. The Xunta of Galicia has recently recognised Aptis as a valid means of accreditation too Xunta de Galicia and Aptis. Aptis is a good alternative to the TOEIC exam.

So, the British Council is more than an English Academy

To sum up, the British Council has been in Spain for over 70 years and has a significant impact on education and cultural relations. Here in Galicia, you can take the IELTS or Aptis English tests through the British Council. You can also study English using the free British Council Learn English website and downloadable Apps for your smart phone and tablet. Finally, if you are interested in studying at a British University, the British Council can help you, and even arrange a talk about this at your school or university.

Written by Chris Hurling, a teacher who recently joined Euroschool. Chris previously worked for British Council in Bogota, Colombia, where he lived for nine years before moving to La Coruna. He is British, and before becoming an English teacher worked in financial services marketing in London.

As you have read, the British Council is a very interesting organisation and you should keep it present when learning English.

This is all for now, remember our classes start next Monday 9th of January!

Have a wonderful January!


And information provided directly by British Council in Bilbao and Madrid.

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