Great news!

Hi everybody!

Today we have fantastic news to share with all of you!

Firstly, Euroshool of English is now an authorised registration centre for IELTS in cooperation with British Council! So you can now prepare and register for your IELTS exam with us! Never stop improving! 😉


Secondly, at Euroschool we are aware of the fact that we live in the IT era. Some of our students have hardly ever read a physical newspaper or used a traditional dictionary; they’re what is now known as Millennials, people who have been using technology from a very early age. On the other hand, most of our students ask what they can do to improve their English from home, during their lunch break and so on. So…..


We are starting Skype classes next April for two different levels: Lower Intermediate (A2 – B1) and Upper Intermediate (B2 – C1). How great is that? We are now selecting students to start the programme. So, there’s no excuse anymore. With Skype you can practise English anywhere, even on your mobile phone!

Remember that if you’re not studying with Euroschool yet (maybe because you think you don’t have time to come to class) we have private Skype classes available! Just call any of our schools, send us an email or pay us a visit! Our secretaries will be happy to give you all the information!

Great things are happening and, we assure you, there are more to come! So, come and join us!

Have a wonderful week! 😀

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