A midsummer’s night dream

Shakespeare dreamt of a night in the woodland and in the realm of fairyland, under the moonlight. We ourselves have enjoyed a magnificent summer, and we can’t complain about the weather! However, as the sunny season comes to an end and autumn  starts knocking softly on our door, it’s time to think about the new school year.

Many of us set New Year resolutions but, at Euroschool, we really believe that “What we achieve tomorrow depends on what we do today” and so we are ready to start the new year now, in September! NEW courses, timetables, teachers and much more is waiting for you at both our schools so that you can crack on with that resolution you’ve been trying to achieve for so long.

I now suggest we play a little game: Imagine we are now in December 2019 and you are writing a journal (or a letter to a friend or relative) telling them about your achievements during the past year. You feel proud, satified, EMPOWERED! Can you picture it? Well, the best news we can give you is that we can help you get that feeling. Whatever level you’re at, whatever needs you may have.

So, what do you think? Don’t wait till all spaces are booked! Call, send us an email or drop by at any of our schools and start making yourself proud of that letter you will write just 15 months from now. We promise you, learning is never something you regret but procrastination is!

Check our contact details below, we’ll be expecting you! 😉

C/ Fernando Macías, 13 1º – 15004 A Coruña

Teléfono: 981 140 024


C/ Francisco Vales Villamarín, 18 Bajo – 15006 A Coruña

Teléfono: 981 130 063


E-mail: info@euroschoolofenglish.com


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