It’s all about cohesion

Hello everybody,

I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the 2018/19 school year, we certainly are!

Today we’re going to talk about cohesion both in our speech and writing. If you study at ES you’ve mostly likely listened to your teacher talking about the importance both coherence and cohesion, the latter mainly achieved by using linking structures and a range of cohesive devices.

Today we’re going to focus on linking words (or connectors) that every student should be aware of. To do so, we’ll take a look at the meaning of the most common ones.


There are the following types of connectors, according to the information they link and the meaning of the word itself:

  • Addition: It adds information or clarification to the previous sentence

I like tomatoes and peppers

  • Condition: It establishes the condition for a (possible) consequence to follow

I’ll go to the party if you come too

  • Contrast: It shows contrast or opposition of ideas

I want to go to the cinema but nobody will come with me

  • Purpose: It expresses the desired result

I exercise to get fit

  • Reason: It explains the reason why something has been done.

I called you because you didn’t answer any of my Whatsapps


Look at the following connectors, what category would you put them  in?


Scroll down to see the answers!!!


As well as




As long as







Even though

In spite of



In order to


In order that

So as to

Because of

Due to

Owing to




Can you make a sentence using each one of the connectors above? In the next post we’ll show you some examples but don’t forget you’re always welcome you post your answers in the comments section below!

Till then, have a great end of October!!!


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