Ringing in 2019!

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year 2019! I hope January is treating you well so far.

Today we’re going to talk about English expressions which are generally used this time of the year  but first, how about we take a look at the answers from the last post? Scroll down to take a look!

  1. Amuse → Amusing, Unamusing, Amused
  2. Amaze → Amazing, Amazed
  3. Flex → Flexible, Inflexible,
  4. Possess → Possessive, possessed, dispossessed
  5. Practice → Practical, Impractical
  6. Magic → Magical
  7. Danger → Dangerous, endangered
  8. Honor → Honorable, dishonorable
  9. Accident → Accidental
  10. Success → Successful, Unsuccessful

How did it go? I’m sure you’ve nailed it! 🙂

Probably, the most typical thing for this time of the year are ‘New Year Resolutions’, we’ve all got them in one way or another, haven’t we? I have chosen some expressions related to the New Year and all the changes we want to include in our lives. Take a look, do you know what they mean?

  1. No pain, no gain
  2. Old habits die hard
  3. Turn over a new leaf
  4. Start from scratch
  5. To get the ball rolling

Out of context, it’s probably hard to figure out their meaning, so I’ve written a short text to help you, read on!

The ringing of a new year is a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start from scratch, just as if 2018 hadn’t happened, 2019 is a new beginning. One of the most common resolutions include taking up sports, learning a second language or to stop smoking. Unfortunately, old habits die hard and very often people have given up on their resolutions even before they have really got the ball rolling. If you are one of these people who have already given up, remember! No pain, no gain! Nobody said it was going to be easy so make an effort and go for it! 2019 is going to be our year!

Now, can you write a definition, in English of course, explaining the meaning of those 5 idioms? As usual, you’ll find the answers in our next post!

Happy 2019 and happy January!!!! 😀

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