Merry Christmas!!!

Hello everybody!

We’ve got a lot of news today! Firstly, we want to say merry Christmas to all of you! And our director, Terence Paul, has written a short story for you too, click on the title and take a look!

A Tremendously TALL Christmas story


Secondly, our Junior classes have done such really amazing projects this first term and we’re looking forward to showing them to you! Scroll down!

Some students wanted to do board games in which they can test their vocabulary and grammar, we’re very impressed! 🙂


Our A2 students, who love the winter season, preferred to focus on winter clothes and food:


Some of our Flyers B really like Stranger Things, take a look at their poster!



But without a doubt, our students’ favourite topic was Christmas and, we have to say, they’ve done some excellent work, we couldn’t be more proud!

What’s more Christmassy than trees, snowflakes and chocolate! Yum! Our Movers and Flyers know that and they wanted to show you!


They ‘ve all worked very hard and they’ve learned a lot about English culture too! Do you know what “12 Days of Christmas” and “Christmas crackers” are? Our Flyers and PET groups do! Take a look!


All our students are excited about their Christmas break, but about their Christmas presents too! Have you ever thought what Santa Claus does when he’s on holiday?

Our Movers and Flyers have and they made a comic of it!


In short, they’ve all worked really hard to complete these amazing projects and we are so very proud of them. We definitely have the best students we could ever ask for and we couldn’t be more thankful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you all for being there and have a very Merry Christmas!



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